CONTURAN® is an anti-reflective glass with an optical interference coating on either one or both sides. SCHOTT developed a coating design that prevents optical reflections that result at the glass air passage. CONTURAN® enables almost invisible protection for many applications with the same highest light transmission and a high color rendering index combined with long durability and suitability for daily use.



  • Reduction of irritating reflections below 1%
  • High transmission (>98%) and increased contrast
  • High abrasion resistance and chemical stability extends its lifetime, makes it hardly vulnerable and easy to clean
  • Appears to be invisible and neutral in color, yet enables perfect viewing
  • Available in any customized shape, form or set-up
  • Can be adapted by applying UV or IR protection and DARO easy-to-clean / anti-fingerprint coating
Glass type
Article T
Sides coated
Reflect. Color
Process. Opt.
Cont./Box (pcs.)
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General Description

SCHOTT CONTURAN® vs. conventional Float Glass

Conventional float glass reflects approximately 8 % of incident light. This results in undesirable reflections.

CONTURAN® glass reduces reflections in the visible spectrum to under 1% and thus allows for an unadulterated view of art.

Transmission tva in % (for
substrates with 3mm thickness)
CONTURAN® Standard97,5

Coating durability

SCHOTT makes an enormous technical effort to provide a nearly reflection-free view: CONTURAN® anti-reflective glass is dip-coated using the sol-gel process.

All products have passed the following tests:
- copper chloride acetic acid spray test
- sliding abrasion with Taber Abraser process
- adhesive tape test
- alcohol rubbing test
- stylus test

SCHOTT CONTURAN® - for medical applications

Cleaning instructions for coated glass