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SCHOTT ARTISTA® clear glass is a high quality and low iron flat glass. The crystal-like clarity of the glass showcases the interior and makes the space appear larger. The subtle structured pattern brings life and sparkle to the room.


  • High brilliance
  • Crystal clear
  • Offers various applications for both interior and exterior
  • Compatible for fusing applications
  • Wide range of glass manufacturing options
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Sides coated
Reflect. Color
Process. Opt.
Cont./Box (pcs.)
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General Description

SCHOTT Fourcault glasses: authentic, versatile, tested

ARTISTA® is produced through the Fourcault process, that produces the distinctive appearance of machine-drawn glass with a certain thickness tolerance and wavy surface.

ETA (European Technical Assessment) confirms that SCHOTT Fourcault glass meets the requirements of the standards EN 12150-2, EN 14179-2, EN 14449 and EN 1279-5.

ETA English

Cutting instructions for machine-drawn glasses