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SCHOTT Type I plus®

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Coated glass vials for injectable drugs

With a silicon dioxide coating on the inside surface, SCHOTT Type I plus® vials has set the standard for barrier properties, which greatly reduces drug-container interaction. Since protein adsorption and leaching from glass packaging can compromise the shelf life of sensitive drugs, these vials are the ideal packaging solution.

Our SCHOTT Type I plus® vials also offer minimal adsorption of radioactive molecules, as well as 100% camera inspection of a large number of dimensional and cosmetic specifications, ensuring very low levels of defect. This makes them ideal for a range of applications, including radioactive diagnostics, proteins and enzymes.


  • Increased shelf life for highly sensitive drug formulations.
  • Minimal protein adsorption in liquid formulations, both before and after lyophilization. 
  • Minimal adsorption of radioactive molecules.
  • Portfolio range: ISO 2 ml - 100 ml
  • Product manufactured according to relevant international norms and standards
  • Product registered at Regulatory Authorities as e.g. US FDA and China NMPA (and available for Pharmaceutical Registration Applications)
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Chemical Resistance

• The inside silicon dioxide coating of SCHOTT Type I plus® vials provides an effective barrier to ion leaching (sodium, calcium, boron, silicon and aluminum). 
• For production control, the standard Hydrolytic Resistance test is added by a special Type I plus® testing as a release criteria, SCHOTT specifies a limit value of 0.17 μg/ml Na after 6h autoclaving at 121 °C with 0.1 M HCl for all sizes.

Dimensions & Cosmetics

• Tight geometric tolerances thanks to 100% camera inspection of dimensional and cosmetic parameters along the process line.
• Strict AQLs, with cosmetic defects a key part of the product specification. Any containers with critical defects are classified as "not allowed in the lot". 

Possible Applications
  • Enzymes and sensitive formulations
    Since no metal ions can be leached from the glass, the reactivity of enzymes and sensitive formulations is unaffected. 
  • Radioactive diagnostics
    Less adsorption of radioactive molecules results in a reduction of residual radioactivity. 
  • Proteins 
    The inner silicon dioxide coating of SCHOTT Type I plus® vials results in reduced adsorption of proteins. 
  • Pure substances
    As the silicon dioxide coating is chemically inert, highly pure substances are preserved over long stocking periods. 
  • WFI and alkali-sensitive products
    Unbuffered reagents such as water for injection are better protected against pH shifts.



  • Increased shelf-life stability for sensitive drug formulations
  • Minimized adsorption of proteins in liquid formulations – also prior to lyophilization
  • Minimized adsorption of radioactive molecules

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Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Want to know more? Let's talk.

Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.